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Archive for May 2018

Millennials AREN’T killing mortgage broking

This article originally appeared on Rate City on 23/5/2018. Australia’s millennials have been accused of killing everything from landline phones to department stores, movie theatres, doorbells and golf, but not the mortgage broking industry, which has more millennial customers than any other demographic. According to the Roy Morgan single source survey, millennials (1976-1990) make up nearly…

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These three big banks are flogging home loans in disguise

In the current environment it’s really important to be transparent right along the mortgage value chain. At AMM we’re reducing opacity through a total commitment to transparency. This article originally appeared on The New Daily on 21/5/2018. Online mortgage comparison site HashChing has become the latest in a long string of mortgage websites to launch its…

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The CAD, Australia’s Prosperity, but a Challenge to Manage

This article was published on AB&F Daily Online on Monday 14 May 2018. Australia is locked into a growth by debt feedback loop that can only stop with the end of ever-increasing international debt and a system reset; in the meantime borrowing offshore against our housing is critical for growth. Let’s look at the effect…

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Probe exposes Australian banks’ abuse of customers

Once trust was assumed, now it must be earned.  According to a 2018 survey only one in three people in Australia trust the banking industry- and this was before the Banking Royal Commission commenced.    Also, an  Ernst and Young survey from 2016 indicates that new entrants and Fintechs have achieved parity with traditional banks when…

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