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Archive for October 2017

Basel IV does not go far enough

Written by Graham Andersen on 20/10/17, published in AB+F. The banking world awaits the finalisation of the now termed Basil IV. The most controversial point outstanding and yet to be agreed is a floor on the discount to the standard method of calculating bank capital requirements or risk weighted assets. The floor is to be…

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Mortgage regulation could spark ‘severe downturn’

This article appeared on Mortgage Business on 20/10/17, by James Mitchell. A decision by Canada’s banking regulator to impose further restrictions on borrowers has triggered fresh fears over how markets might react to lending curbs. This week, the Canadian equivalent of APRA — the Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions (OSFI) — announced fresh changes to its mortgage…

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Rethinking Financial Literacy

This blog originally appeared in Mortgage business in 2014, by Kym Dalton. With current attention around ensuring enhanced consumer outcomes, it’s even more relevant now. Here are a couple of quotes from a recent housing think tank that I attended in the US: “It all begins with financial literacy” and “Financial literacy is the key…

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ASIC update on interest-only home loans

This article originally appeared on the ASIC website, on Wednesday 11 October 2017. ASIC today provided an update on its targeted review of interest only home loans. Announced in April 2017, the review was a targeted industry surveillance examining whether lenders and mortgage brokers are inappropriately recommending more expensive interest-only loans. With many lenders, including major…

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