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Archive for August 2017

Dalton says ‘flat fee’ model could hurt consumers

This article originally appeared in ‘The Adviser’ on 25/7/17, written by James Mitchell. Original article > Mortgage industry figure Kym Dalton has outlined a number of issues with the proposed flat-fee broker remuneration model, arguing that it “could be opaque” and vary from lender to lender. In recent weeks a number of Australian consumer groups, such…

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Note: “Major Banks” refers to CBA, NAB, ANZ and Westpac An Australian financial system convention that has been accepted for many years is that Major Banks are too big to fail and carry implied government guarantees. The Financial System Inquiry recommended that this risk to the taxpayer is significantly reduced by making Major Banks “unquestionably…

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The blockchain effect on mortgage-backed securities

This article originally appeared on AB+F on 23/05/2017, by Elizabeth Fry. Original article > The securitsation of residential-backed securities has long been dominated by the banks – rather than sold into the capital markets – but this is about to change due to new data-driven technologies, smart contracts and blockchain. The securitisation of mortgages by marketplace…

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